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Archive for August, 2007

Exit at ease

For every company or office to have smooth operations they need to have constant power supply and it has become a common issue these days for power failure. Every building has in it a dozen or so emergency light fixtures to be able to provide lighting across the space. The exit signs placed above all […]

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Cost effective and long life

There are plenty of things in life we take for granted and power failures is one of them. It might be that your office or home will never face this issue and you may never need to use the emergency lighting, but it is necessary to have them installed anyways. They are pretty affordable and […]

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Comfort and style

Homes and offices these days are designed and constructed catering to individual tastes and are filled with colors and latest security devices. Another aspect of interior decoration that is becoming popular is the installation of a reliable emergency light fixtures at multiple points in the building. These fixtures come in various colours and shapes, and […]

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Bright and instant

Every office or household has both natural light and artificial light, provided by many fancy light fixtures. And with the influx of software companies the inset of working around the clock has set in. This translates to having all basic operational systems on and sensitive computers working as well. With the overload of electronic equipments, […]

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Before or after,, always ready to serve

An impressive number of lights and fittings are available in the market these days at various price ranges. People have realized the importance of installing a back up emergency lighting in their homes and offices and are going in for good quality products which will have a long life and serve the purpose. Most of […]

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