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Do You Recall?

One practical reason for regular inspections of emergency lighting fixtures has to do with the nature of emergencies. They are sporadic events, and when requisite emergency fixtures are ‘deployed,’ then the chance of finding failures can be catastrophic. The old axiom, ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ comes into play. Then, it may be too late to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

In any event, the use of emergency fixtures may well be required more often than monthly or annually. One aspect of this extended (and active) awareness of testing has to do with product recalls. For example, the Consumer Product Safety Commission notes the enormous costs associated with product failures in the American economy every year. The costs associated with failures are absolutely staggering: exceeding $700 billion each year.

On occasion, intelligent inspections actually work to the great advantage of manufacturers and the public. One instance involves voluntary recalls. In the event a manufacturer receives notice of some defect, they may contact the Consumer Product Commission, and notify them of the possible defect (often based on the manufacturer or distributor’s own investigation). This is roughly what happened when a trim assembly light distributed by Prescolite was melting part of the fixture assembly. Part of the assembly might have fallen, causing injury to passers by.

In any event, consumers are always best served by such aggressive, and voluntary, recalls. Consumers, notably, played the first part in the recall process.

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