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No Blank Checks

To the uninitiated, the range of code requirements for emergency lighting can be staggering. Three major code requirements are the Life Safety Code, the NFPA, and the National Electric Code. One of the major codes address the required need for a monthly check-up (the Life Safety Code).

Two of the codes also require annual inspection (NFPA 70 and the National Electric Code). But as any lawyer can tell you, if it isn’t in writing, “it doesn’t exist.” In other words, whether an inspection was conducted yesterday or months ago, a written record of the inspection must be kept.

Following, a summary of the data required in that record.

Required Monthly Checklist

Each light needs to be carefully, individually inspected for any physical damages. The test button must be pressed for thirty consecutive seconds. Alignment and adjustment of the beams are required. The AC charging system needs to be checked for functioning, and any electrical charges to top off are required.

Required Annual Checklist

A ninety (90) minute full-function test is required; the AC power supply to each unit must be disconnected and reconnected in the process. The battery and the lens must both be checked for function, including any corrosion or rust. The lens should be cleaned, as necessary, and the unit’s functions appropriately cleaned. The beam must be aligned as necessary. The voltage needs to be checked for its output and charging operability.

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