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Now You See It…

The use of emergency light fixtures will always be a balance of competing functions. Specifically, can the appearance of the fixture support the occasional emergency capacity, reliably? I’m always looking for the two sides of this equation: a new invention, and the occasional breakdown in fixture reliability (especially if they result in recalls).That’s why the low-profile variety of fixtures is always on the radar of interesting options. To be honest, however, most of these emergency light fixtures tend to be attractive only if used in residential settings. On occasion, these fixtures can be used in more boutique commercial settings. Traditional commercial settings that need more than the ususal short-term emergency service of a residential setting are more willing to sacrifice looks for multi-hour units.

A new era of emergency and egress light fixture lighting that is flush against the wall is here. One exemplary unit also features the unique ‘pop up’ lens cover. In the event of power failure, the lens automatically opens. Before engaging in emergency mode, the fixture appears to be nothing more than an old-fashioned light switch plate. The internal battery will take a recharge once power is restored…and in good imitation of Star War’s R2D2, the lens retracts after AC power is restored.

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