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Self Aware

One increased area of interest in emergency light fixtures comes from the integration of self-diagnostics into the fixture. While no one is (yet) making claims of robotic fixtures and self-repairing units, there are significant advantages in new, more elaborate fixtures. These programs are especially important to meet increasingly strict requirements for 30-day and annual diagnostics on all parts of emergency lighting.

If looking at self-diagnosing programs, be sure the equipment has been throughly tested, and what rewards come from its use (e.g., lowered maintenance costs and extended warranties). Be sure to find out that the diagnostics match existing national and local codes. After all, diagnostics that fail to meet industry standards are not self-aware enough to evidence limitations…or safety risks.

Many new fixtures will also allow for ‘remote’ sensing, saving costs in physical handling: these remote functions may include battery voltage, lamp continuity, incoming power, and unit performance. These tests may be run more often than minimal test requirements, perhaps as frequently as every 10 seconds.

Self-diagnostics can be figuratively invaluable in making sure maintenance issues are identified, perhaps in advance of scheduled diagnostics. After all, nothing says that emergencies manage to make themselves available for scheduled maintenance checks.

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