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Exit Signs Kneeded

One current interest is the best, or varied, placement of exit signs. Very often, the placement of exit signs is calculated to be use before an emergency…to help people plan ahead. There’s no reason to suspect that the use of exit signs above eye level have not been helpful. The emerging issue, however, addresses the need to go behind minimal safety standards. Just as illuminated aisle lights in a plane are designed to be useful ‘signage’ for someone who is crawling on their knees to safety. So is the issue of signs at crawl level an interesting aspect of enhanced use of exit signs for safety.

Called “floor proximity” exit markings or signs, these low-level safety signs are going to become standard, experts predict. So far, the IBC has gone far enough to add new language to make floor proximity signs a part of future building codes…especially in high rises. This same attitude of starting with newly constructed high rises is reflected in two American states…so far. Rhode Island may be a small state but it’s looking ahead (and up), by requiring the same thing as New York. These are undoubtedly the first of many states due to adopt the IBC goal.

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